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Looking for meats with a rich, smoky flavor for your restaurant, catering company, cafeteria, or supermarket? Come to Four Star Poultry & Provision for a wide selection of smoked meats you need.


Whether you're in the Palm Beach area or located elsewhere in Southern Florida, you'll receive outstanding service and products, including poultry, provisions, dairy, produce, and more. Retail products are also available.

Delicious, smoky flavor in all the meats you love

- Turkey wings

- Turkey necks

- Turkey drumsticks

- Turkey tails

- Buffet hams

- Bone-in smoked ham

- Country ham

- Sugar pit ham

- Spiral honey ham

- Smoked picnic ham

- Slab bacon

- Rib-in slab bacon

- Layout bacon

- Platter bacon

- Retail bacon

- R/O bacon

- Ham shanks

- Smoked hocks

- Country cured hocks

- Pork tails

- Pork neckbone

- Country cured butt

- Smoked jowls

- Cracklings

All the smoked meats you're looking for!

Visit Four Star Poultry & Provision today to check out the area's largest selection of meats and poultry.


Find out more about our huge smoked meat selection.


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