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If you're looking for the basics like ground beef or stew beef, or need high-quality steaks or more, you'll find just what you need at prices you'll love at Four Star Poultry & Provision.


Whether you're the owner of a mom 'n pop store or own a catering company or restaurant, you'll find the huge selection of top grade meats you need to perfect all your recipes. Need produce? Just ask.

Fresh, tasty meats at prices to meet your budget

- Inside rounds

- Steamship round

- Ground beef

- Stew beef

- Patties

- Meatballs

- Knuckles

- Briskets

- New York strips

- Flank steaks

- Outside skirt steaks

- Briskets

- Beef back ribs

- Short ribs

- Sliced steaks

- Eye rounds

- Beef knuckles

- Flap meats

- Beef livers

- Beef feet

- Beef tongues

- Neck bones

- Oxtail (cut and trimmed)

- Beef kidneys

- Mutton legs

- Goat carcass

- Cut-up goats

- Corned beef rounds

- Pastrami navels and rounds

The right meats for all your needs

From hamburger and steaks to goat, mutton, and more, Four Star Poultry & Provision has all the meats you're looking for at great prices.


Place your meat order over the phone today.


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